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Published Papers
Externalities of Public Firm Presence: Evidence from Private Firms’ Investment DecisionsJournal of Financial Economics, 109 (September, 2013): 682-706.
  • with Brad Badertscher and Hal White

  • with Amy Sun, Hal White, and Weining Zhang
Management Forecast Quality and Capital Investment DecisionsThe Accounting Review, 89 (January, 2014): 331-365.
  • with Ted Goodman, Monica Neamtiu, and Hal White

  • with Rodrigo Verdi and Gwen Yu

Incentives for Tax Planning and Avoidance: Evidence from the Field
The Accounting Review, 89 (May, 2014): 991-1023.
  • with John Graham, Michelle Hanlon, and Terry Shevlin

The Effect of Tax Authority Monitoring and Enforcement on Financial Reporting Quality. Journal of the American Taxation Association, 36 (Fall, 2014): 137-170.
  • with Michelle Hanlon and Jeffrey Hoopes

The Impact of Ambiguity on Managerial Investment and Cash HoldingsJournal of Business Finance & Accounting, 41 (September/October, 2014): 1071-1099.
  • with Monica Neamtiu, Hal White and Chris Williams

Real Effects of the Audit Choice. Journal of Accounting & Economics, 62 (August, 2016): 157-181.
  • with Asad Kausar and Hal White

Corporate Investment and Changes in GAAP. Review of Accounting Studies, 22 (March, 2017): 1-63.
  • Winner, 2014 American Accounting Association Competitive Manuscript Award
  • Winner, 2011 American Accounting Association Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (FARS) Best Dissertation Award
  • Winner, 2012 Ross School of Business Emeritus Award
  • Finalist, 2011 ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award at the Univeristy of Michigan

Tax Rates and Corporate Decision MakingReview of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
  • with John Graham, Michelle Hanlon, and Terry Shevlin
  • Winner, 2015 FARS Conference Best Paper Award

Regulatory Oversight and Auditor Market ShareJournal of Accounting & Economics, forthcoming.
  • with Daniel Aobdia

When Does the Peer Information Environment Matter? Journal of Accounting & Economics, forthcoming.
  • with Rodrigo Verdi and Ben Yost
  • Presented at the 2016 JAE Conference

Non-Peer Reviewed & Lightly Reviewed Papers
Discussion of 'Is the Risk of Product Market Predation a Cost of Disclosure?'Journal of Accounting & Economics, 63 (November/December, 2016): 326-332.

Why Regulate Private Firm Disclosure and Auditing. Accounting & Business Research, forthcoming.
  • with Michael Minnis

Working Papers
A Re-Examination of Management Forecasts Around Seasoned Equity Offerings
  • with Amy Sun, Hal White, and Weining Zhang

Real Effects of Financial Reporting Quality and Credibility: Evidence from the PCAOB Regulatory Regime
  • Finalist, 2016 FARS Conference Best Paper Award